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What is a Development Permit?

A development permit, or DP, is a tool which most municipalities have in place to regulate types of development. The DPs are clearly defined in their Official Community Plans and normally include a map showing what areas require a DP and which kind of DP is required.

For example, adjacent to most streams a DP is required. Typically in order to apply for a DP, you need to retain the services of a Qualified Environmental Professional, or QEP. The QEP performs any necessary assessments and completes the DP application form.

The application is submitted to the municipality for approval.

What does a DP Cost?

The cost of a DP ranges considerably with the nature of the project. Most projects are under $30,000 with residential applications typically under $10,000.

How Long does a DP take?

Most applications are in the order of a few months to a year - this varies completely with the type of DP required.

How do I request a proposal?

Please send us an email at or call (604) 988-3033 and ask for a development permit.

Recent Projects

  • George Hotel development permit application in Gibsons.
  • Cedar Sewer Project development permit application in Cedar.
  • Cedar View Estates Subdivision DP permit in Cedar.
  • Shed construction DP permit project in Langley.
  • Stream infill DP project in Maple Ridge.



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Specialists in obtaining project approvals for projects located in or around the water.