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What is a Biophysical survey?

A biophysical survey is a survey of the biological and physical conditions usually of a marine, riparian or fresh water environment performed by a Qualified Environmental Professional, or QEP.

When do you need a Biophysical survey?

A biophysical survey is required any time that works are being performed in the marine environment or near a watercourse. Typically these assessments are required on projects where Fisheries and Oceans Canada must be notified of the proposed works.

How does the DFO application work?

The assessment requires that a QEP (i.e. Balanced Environmental) is hired by the proponent. The QEP performs a site investigation with a certified dive team (if underwater) or survey crew (above water) to collect the location and abundance of biological organisms and substrate types within the proposed work area. The QEP prepares a report for the client and completes a project review application form, or PRAF, which is submitted to DFO for your project.

What does a Biophysical survey cost?

Biophysical surveys can be performed for as little as $7,200 plus tax. Pricing varies with location and project type. Terms and conditions apply.

How long does the survery take?

An assessment can be performed as quickly as 20 business days - please contact our office for QEP availability. Terms and conditions apply.

What kind of report do I get?

Upon completion of the assessment, you will be provided with a written report containing a letter style report describing the findings, a species list with the names and abundance of all observed organisms, site photographs, location map and biophysical drawings showing the location of habitat features in relation to the site.

How do I request a free proposal?

Please send us an email at or call (604) 988-3033 and ask for a biophysical survey. Please provide your address and the nature of the work you wish to perform. Also include any surveys you may have of your property.

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