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Marine construction includes the placement of temporary or permanent structures within the marine environment including the foreshore sub-tidal and near shore upland.  Basically, it’s the installation of a man-made or natural structure.   Marine construction provides a transition point between upland and the sea for the purposes of transporting materials and goods over water as well as providing essential communication routes for those requiring access to, or across, water.

Foreshore’s background and experience in the marine environment allows us to support our customers through effective communication across the industry, particularly between the wide range of professionals and contractors in the industry, bringing these people together to communicate the concepts and ideas.

We are able to understand clients problems and can provide solutions quickly because of this experience.

  • When we give a environmental comment it comes with a construction and engineering background
  • When we make an engineering comment it comes with an environmental and construction background
  • When we give a construction comment it comes with an engineering and environmental background

Foreshore can manage the whole process from biophysical survey through to permitting and installation of the final structure.