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Floats and Anchor Systems

Design and Installation

Ocean Tech can design and install a float for any site or weather condition, and still meet tight budgetary constraints. In addition to a portfolio of custom designs, we also offer plans for single and multiple moorages for boats ranging in size from 3 metres to 30 metres. Special Purpose Designs for floatplanes, hovercraft, and other unique vessels are also available.

Although we are able to work with any materials that the client prefers, we offer several time tested and proven styles of floats that use a combination of natural and inert materials such as wood, concrete, plastic and aluminum.

The Ocean Tech crew has over 100 years of combined experience in the designing and installation of shore based and underwater anchor systems for new and existing waterfront installations. Anchor systems may include timber or steel piles, drilled or grouted piles, piles on concrete footings, concrete anchors, and/or rock pins with chain, and/or rope, or a combination of all, as conditions require.


Ocean Tech

Diversified marine construction company that designs and installs, foreshore access systems including piers, floats, anchors and breakwaters.