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A breakwater is a permanent structure built in a coastal area to protect against tides, currents, waves, and storm surges. Part of a coastal management system, breakwaters are installed to minimize shoreline erosion and to protect anchorages. Vessels within a breakwater are protected from hazards such as propeller washes, wind-driven waves and tidal surges, creating a safe environment for leisure and commercial activities.

Each marina and port is unique but Foreshore has extensive experience in designing and planing a breakwater to meet any specification. Situated in the Pacific Northwest, we understand the whole process of planning and executing a breakwater. We have built marinas across a range of environments and conditions with water depths ranging from extremely deep to very shallow waters.

With our experience we know how to create a marina that minimizes impact on our surrounding shoreline and seabed. Our process starts with a biophysical survey to see the landscape of the seabed and we work from there to create a plan that identifies areas that suit client requirements without impacting on the environment.

If you are planning to expand or build a marina, Foreshore can help in the following ways:

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