Test Timber Piles Without the Added Cost of Cleaning


Test Timber Piles without the Added Cost of Cleaning.
Scan through PVC, HDPE or Rubber Pile Jackets.
Evaluate Hard and Soft Woods.
High Intensity Display for Use in Poor Visibility Conditions.


100% Non-Destructive Ultrasonic System.
Exceeds Level III Inspection Requirements and Accuracy.
Meets Level I Production Rates with Level III Results.
Provides Accurate Data for Cost Effective Maintenance Planning and Calculation of Structural Load Capacities.


Consistent and Reliable Inspection Results.
Certified PEER System Inspectors can Determine, within ± 10%, the Actual Percentage Cross-Section Remaining in a Timber Pile.
Exceeds U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory’s Accuracy Requirements for Timber Piles (NCEL Technical Note N-1703).

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