Foreshore are experienced in providing these reports to support the development application process. Foreshore will liaise with its clients to understand the needs of each individual project.

What is a Detailed RAR Assessment?

A detailed assessment as defined by the BC Ministry of Environment is an assessment performed under the Riparian Areas Regulation according to the detailed assessment protocols. The assessment protocols provide a defined and detailed methods for a Qualified Environmental Professional, or QEP, to determine what riparian setback should be around a watercourse. Although there are exceptions, the rule of thumb is no works shall be performed within the riparian setback to preserve the integrity of the stream.

When do you need a Detailed RAR Assessment?

An RAR assessment is required when any works are being performed on a property that is 30 metres from the top of bank of a watercourse (ditch, stream, wetland or lake) or even a ravine in southern British Columbia, Canada. The assessment is usually a requirement of many development permits required by the local municipality. There are two types of RAR assessments with two different methodologies – the proponent can decide which one they want to perform based on their budget. In general, a detailed RAR assessment has a smaller setback than a simple RAR assessment resulting in more usable area for the property owner.

How does the RAR Process work?

The assessment requires that a QEP (i.e. Balanced Environmental) is hired by the proponent. The QEP performs research on the property followed by a site visit to confirm on-site conditions, then prepares a detailed RAR assessment report which is normally submitted to the Ministry of Environment on-line. A detailed RAR assessment often requires several QEPs of different specialities (surveyors, biologists, geotechnical engineers, etc.) depending on site conditions. For more information, please read the RAR Assessment Methods.

How long does an assessment take?

An assessment can be performed as quickly as 10 business days depending on the level of detail required. Please contact us for QEP availability.

What kind of report do I get?

Upon completion of the assessment, you will be provided with a written report approximately 10 pages which includes a drawing of your property and associated stream setbacks.

How do I request a fee proposal?

To request a detailed RAR assessment, please complete the form below and confirm the nature of the work you wish to perform. Also include any surveys you may have of your property.

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