What is a Qualified Environmental Professional?

A Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) is an applied scientist or technologist registered with a professional organization enabled under an Act, who must follow a code of ethics issued by the professional organization, and can be subject to disciplinary action by the organization.

For example, a Registered Professional Biologist “RPBio” is registered with the College of Applied Biology enacted under the College of Applied Biology Act, must follow a code of ethics and is subject to disciplinary action; therefore an RPBio is a QEP.

When do you need a QEP?

A QEP is required any time you are going to perform work in or near the water. This includes both the marine environment and freshwater environments. Examples of projects include subdivisions, dredging and dock construction projects.

Does Balanced have QEPs?

Yes, Balanced Environmental has a number of QEPs on staff that specialize in different project types. The best way to get a hold of one of our QEPs is to simply complete the form below. Our QEP team is led by professional biologists with 30 years of experience. Select examples of experienced QEPs can be provided on request.

Qualified Environmental Professionals Enquiry

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