What is Environmental Monitoring?

Environmental monitoring is an environmental professional who is present during construction in an environmentally sensitive area to ensure that the contractors perform works in compliance with environmental protocols.

When do you need a Environmental Monitoring?

An environmental monitor is required whenever there is construction in or around the water when there is potential for harm to fish or fish habitat.

What is involved?

Typically the environmental monitor (i.e. Balanced Environmental) is hired by the proponent. The monitor meets with the project team before construction to go over all expectations and requirements.

The monitor performs site visits throughout construction and produces daily monitoring reports which can be made available to regulatory agencies.

The monitor always has the authority to stop works if harm to the environment is observed. Upon project completion, the monitor typically completes an as-built report.

What kind of report do I get?

Balanced has a daily monitoring form which is completed and emailed to the proponent after each day on site.

It includes details on water quality, construction activities and other observations. The report is several pages in length and includes photos.

Upon project completion, an as-built survey is normally performed and is accompanies with a summary report.

How do I request a free proposal?

To ask for an environmental monitoring survey, please complete the form below and confirm the nature of the work you wish to perform. Also include any surveys you may have of your property.

Environmental Monitoring Enquiry

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